Safety Management
In PolyMirae, we work based on a management philosophy that places safety as the top priority
Safety & Health Management
To improve the safety culture of the
company and maintain a safe working environment for all
the employees of PolyMirae and our partner companies,
we actively execute and manage a set of activities including safety
training for all personnel including visitors, a Global Safety Day event,
Safety Inspection Day, Safety Campaigns and more.

LyondellBasell Operational Excellence Audit

To maintain its world-class safety management system,
every four years PolyMirae invites LyondellBasell’s experts
in each field to conduct an audit on process safety and risk
management within the company, with self-audits such as PSM, ISO and RC.

These invitational audits involve a management system inspection,
on-site inspection and employee interview to identify risk factors
and potential improvements, and the degree of improvement
is tracked and managed through continued investment and actions.

Safety Inspection Day

At PolyMirae, employees with expertise in each field patrol
together with employees of the plant every second Tuesday
of the month to identify potential risks and improvements
in all fields including safety, health, environment and process.
Identified potential improvements are tracked and managed until completion.

Contractor Cooperation Program

To seek development in the safety and health working environment,
PolyMirae organizes a Contractor Cooperation Meeting with all its partners,
and holds monthly meetings to assess potential risks and actively engage
them in supportive activities to offset any identified risks.


CCG Campaign

  • Clean
  • Caution
  • Green

PolyMirae staff report the progress and potential improvements
of all inspections, including internal/external safety inspections
and parent company inspections, to manufacturing director on
a monthly basis, and continuously tracks and manages the details.

Global Safety Day

Every LyondellBasell site around the world including joint
ventures holds an annual Global Safety Day event, to enhance
the safety awareness of employees and allow them to experience
the importance of safety as first priority.

HSE Committee

PolyMirae management discuss HSE performance and initiatives
including investments related to safety with shareholders
every 6 months in an ad-hoc forum (HSE Committee).

Employee Competency Verification

To ensure safe operations, PolyMirae conducts sufficient on-site
practice and tests on employees to verify the work performance
of employees before assigning them new duties.

Comprehensive Medical Testing and Vaccination

PolyMirae provides comprehensive medical testing and vaccinations
for all employees and their spouses in order to detect employee illnesses
in their early stages and assist in systematic employee health management,
so that employees can perform their duties with a good health condition.

Safety Improvement Activity
PolyMirae is continuously investing in
improving its process safety-related facilities to ensure public safety
and protect the health of employees and partners, as well as
to prevent major industrial accidents

Remote Control Fire Extinguishing Facility

To extinguish fires early and prevent a major industrial accident
in the event of fire, PolyMirae has installed and operates a firefighting
monitoring system, which allows any outbreak of fire to be monitored
and quickly extinguished through remote control from the Control Building.

Spatial Infrared Gas Detector

PolyMirae has improved its gas leakage detectability and has introduced,
the first between in the Korea industry, the first spatial infrared gas detector.
In contrast to the generally used spot-type detector, which detects gas
only when the gas enters the sensor inside the detector, five newly-introduced
infrared detectors which are installed throughout the entire process detect
gas when the leaked gas enters 100~200m of space which the infrared beam passes through.

Control Building Clean Air Supply System

To protect employees in the event of a toxic gas leakage from
adjacent companies or a large-scale inflammable gas leak into the
process area, PolyMirae has installed a facility which blocks
polluted air from entering the Control Building, supplies clean air
and maintains positive pressure.

Process Area and Building Risk Assessment

PolyMirae has conducted a quantitative assessment of risks such as
leakage, fire or explosion on all facilities and buildings in the process
to secure employee safety in the event of an emergency, based
on which the company has invested in the installation of various facilities
and established emergency countermeasures to minimize damage
in the most severe accidents.

Water Spray Curtain System for Prevention of
Gas Diffusion

PolyMirae has installed and is operating a water spray curtain
system to prevent and suppress the diffusion of inflammable gas to
offices adjacent to the process in the event of a large-scale leak.

With a management philosophy that makes safety the top priority,
PolyMirae is investing actively in strengthening a culture of safety,
and applies a range of measures to improve and enhance the safety
environment to prevent industrial accidents and achieve a completely
accident-free business.


PolyMirae regularly and continuously conducts practical emergency response training to minimize human and material damage in emergencies such as earthquake / typhoon / heavy rainfall / warfare / major industrial accidents.

  • Company-wide Emergency Response Training – Once a year
  • Joint Fire Drill – Once a year per plant (3 times in total)
  • Disaster Response Team Training– Once every quarter per plant (12 times in total)
  • Emergency Self-response Training – Once a month per shift (144 times in total)

Companywide Emergency Response Training

The CEO, the company management team and all employees
including those in the headquarter participate in Company-wide
Emergency Response Training every year to train communication
and procedures, minimize damage and expedite normalization
in cases of emergency.

Disaster Response Team Training

PolyMirae runs a Disaster Response Team Training every quarter to
enable a swift and effective response and recovery from potential
accidents involving fire and explosion.


Firefighting Response Training

PolyMirae conducts joint fire drills with the fire station and
adjacent companies, as well as surprise firefighting
response drills that occur without notice.