PolyMirae is selling its polypropylene products
in over 40 countries covering all regions



PolyMirae offers a very wide portfolio
of products covering many different end-uses
and application segments



The vision of PolyMirae is to be the most admired company
in its polypropylene industry in Asia because of
its superior performance, empowered people and
social responsibility



At PolyMirae, we maintain safety and health as our top priority
in all production activities, and work to achieve an accident-free,
healthy and pleasant work environment

Creating polypropylene, shaping a better future
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Product Portfolio

PolyMirae applies a wide set of innovative PP manufacturing technologies, such as Metocene or Melt-blown to fulfill the most demanding client needs

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Operational Excellence

PolyMirae has established POEMS, the operational excellence
management system which best fits the working conditions of
PolyMirae and complies with all relevant laws of the Korea,
with the OEMS of LyondellBasell



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2019 Global Safety Day 2019.06.26
2019 Global Safety Day

The Global Safety Day event took place this year on June 25th.
This year’s event has been focusing on reinforcement of contractor’s safety with the theme “We are a family” 
The program included a contest for employees, to discover certain areas of the current work environment which require improvement and suggest alternatives, as well a contest for safety improvement ideas at work for subcontractors.
Two companies, YoungJin Technology and Yujin co. were awarded the gold and silver medal at the subcontractor contest.
For crisis management and response training, on-site response drills took place, including a firefighting drill and a rescue & emergency medical service (EMS) training. 


KOTRA Foreign-Investment Company Job Fair 2019.06.07
KOTRA Foreign-Investment Company Job Fair

PolyMirae participated in the ‘Foreign-Investment Company Job Fair’ hosted by KOTRA in COEX for two days from June 4 to June 5. 
The job fair was the largest event in Korea for foreign-investment companies, and more than 160 companies participated in this event.
The Human Resources team of PolyMirae provided consultation to over 100 job seekers who visited PolyMirae booth.
SH Jung, Team leader of the Human Resources team said  " we introduced  about our unequalled competitiveness, excellent company culture and ingenious PolyMirae's DNA to jop seekers who visisted our booth.  It was a good opportunity to advertise Polymirae through the ‘Foreign-Investment Company Job Fair’"

Chinaplas 2019 2019.05.24
Chinaplas 2019

PolyMirae visited Chinaplas 2019 in Guangzhou, China from May 21 to 24, 2019. The exhibition has become a platform to introduce new technologies such as comprehensive recycling and energy-saving solutions for the plastics industry, high-performance multifunctional plastics for automotive parts, food and beverage packaging.

PolyMirae had several face to face customer meetings, facilitated by LyondellBasell and Daelim Corporation, to review the development trends of the market and to understand the customers’ needs. In addition, PolyMirae introduced specialty products such as Metocene, Meltblown, R-TPOs and HCPP to the Automotive, Fiber and Packaging markets.