PolyMirae is selling its polypropylene products
in over 40 countries covering all regions



PolyMirae offers a very wide portfolio
of products covering many different end-uses
and application segments



The vision of PolyMirae is to be the most admired company
in its polypropylene industry in Asia because of
its superior performance, empowered people and
social responsibility



At PolyMirae, we maintain safety and health as our top priority
in all production activities, and work to achieve an accident-free,
healthy and pleasant work environment

Creating polypropylene, shaping a better future
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Product Portfolio

PolyMirae applies a wide set of innovative PP manufacturing technologies, such as Metocene or Melt-blown to fulfill the most demanding client needs

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Operational Excellence

PolyMirae has established POEMS, the operational excellence
management system which best fits the working conditions of
PolyMirae and complies with all relevant laws of the Korea,
with the OEMS of LyondellBasell



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K Fair 2019 2019.09.27
K Fair 2019

PolyMirae will attend the world's largest international plastic and rubber industry fair "K Fair 2019" to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 16 to 23. K Fair is an exhibition held every three years in Germany, offering the latest trends in related plastics industries and opportunities to develop new businesses.

PolyMirae plans to focus on promoting its PP products developed based on LyondellBasell’s world-class technologies and discuss new business opportunity with global customers at the event.

VietnamPlas 2019 2019.09.27
VietnamPlas 2019

PolyMirae will attend VietnamPlas 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from October 3 to 6 to promote PolyMirae's differentiated and advanced product portfolio and discuss plastics market trends and advanced processing technology with customers mainly from Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

PolyMirae plans to discuss how PolyMirae’s products can help the customers to achieve the industry’s priority themes of high physical properties & aesthetics, productivity improvement, property optimization by advanced catalyzed PP, sustainability and more.

This exhibition has been held for 18 years in Ho Chi Minh City, where about 80% of Vietnam's plastics industry is concentrated. It is Vietnam's premier event where international experts in plastics and rubber industry for the discussion of the latest trends and technologies in the plastics market.

PolyMirae launches two new PP products targeting the soft spunbond market 2019.08.28
PolyMirae launches two new PP products targeting the soft spunbond market

PolyMirae has recently commercialized  Moplen RP361S and Moplen RP369S, two new grades that can offer more softness in nonwoven applications.

These products are non-phthalate and offer superior spinnability, softness and haptics, for quality improvement of hygiene and nonwoven products.

Innovation and ADTS, Associate Director, GY Ha said “PolyMirae expects these products to help its customers to gain competitive advantage, proposing more differentiated end-use products in the highly competitive hygiene market."

This new additions enables PolyMirae to further expand its product portfolio offer for nonwoven applications.