Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

PolyMirae is striving to protect the environment, to protect the safety and health of employees, partner companies, clients and the general public as a priority, and to produce top-quality products that fulfill the needs of demanding clients.

Behavioral Guidelines

1The company conforms to international agreements on environmental health and safety, and local laws and regulations.
2The company identifies and evaluates the main elements of environmental health and safety, and quality, for all processes ranging from the purchasing of raw materials to production and disposal of products, and carries out voluntary and continual improvement activities.
3The company uses environmentally friendly materials and technologies, researches and develops environmentally friendly products, and actively reduces the use of natural resources, and recycles them.
4In order to create a safe and pleasant work environment, the company secures safe process technologies and thorough emergency response capabilities through preventive activities.
5The company delivers superior products and services that satisfy customer needs through continual technological development.
6In order to achieve these efficiently, the company regularly sets goals for environmental health, safety and quality activities, and also carries out improvement activities. We achieve managerial transparency by assessing performance and laying it open for the public.