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PolyMirae is a joint venture between LyondellBasell and Daelim Industrial Co. DL ChemicalGO NOW DL Chemical, a shareholder of Polymirae, was established in 1979 and secured its leading position in the domestic petrochemical industry. DL Chemical is a global company with more than 40 years of experience in petrochemical plant operation and has its unique technologies. DL Chemical produces PE, PB and EPO. In 1999, it founded Yeocheon NCC, a joint venture with Hanwha Petrochemical, to generate synergy. In 2000, it established Polymirae as a joint venture with LyondellBasell, a global petrochemical company. DL Chemical is still continuing its growth. In 2020, DL Chemical entered the synthetic rubber industry by acquiring a Cariflex business and established DL F&C by dividing the film business. LyondellBasellGO NOW LyondellBasell is one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. Driven by its employees around the globe, LyondellBasell produces materials and products that are key to advancing solutions to modern challenges like enhancing food safety through lightweight and flexible packaging, protecting the purity of water supplies through stronger and more versatile pipes, improving the safety, comfort and fuel efficiency of many of the cars and trucks on the road, and ensuring the safe and effective functionality in electronics and appliances. LyondellBasell sells products into more than 100 countries and is the world's largest producer of polymer compounds and the largest licensor of polyolefin technologies. In 2019, LyondellBasell was named to Fortune magazine's list of the "World's Most Admired Companies”.
HSE and Quality Policy
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy PolyMirae is striving to protect the environment, to protect the safety and health of employees, partner companies, clients and the general public as a priority, and to produce top-quality products that fulfill the needs of demanding clients. Behavioral Guidelines 1The company conforms to international agreements on environmental health and safety, and local laws and regulations. 2The company identifies and evaluates the main elements of environmental health and safety, and quality, for all processes ranging from the purchasing of raw materials to production and disposal of products, and carries out voluntary and continual improvement activities. 3The company uses environmentally friendly materials and technologies, researches and develops environmentally friendly products, and actively reduces the use of natural resources, and recycles them. 4In order to create a safe and pleasant work environment, the company secures safe process technologies and thorough emergency response capabilities through preventive activities. 5The company delivers superior products and services that satisfy customer needs through continual technological development. 6In order to achieve these efficiently, the company regularly sets goals for environmental health, safety and quality activities, and also carries out improvement activities. We achieve managerial transparency by assessing performance and laying it open for the public.
Environment Management
PolyMirae makes it a top priority to maintain a clean workplace and fully comply with environmental laws through the continued enhancement of emission source management. "The Cleanest Site" PolyMirae believes that maintaining the cleanliness of the workplace and work environment is the foundation of complete safety, and has made continuous investments and pursued improvements with the goal of becoming “the cleanest workplace in the industry.” Elimination of unnecessary on-site leakage/emission points Prevention of utility loss through elimination of on-site leakage and by-pass operation Establishment of appropriate mindset regarding voluntary workplace cleanup and maintaining safe working conditions Low Carbon Green Growth (Emission Trading Scheme) Low-carbon Green Management is a management scheme through which a company economizes and effectively utilizes resources and energy, minimizes GHG emission and environmental pollution, and fulfills its social · ethical responsibilities. To fulfill its responsibility as a business to promote low-carbon green growth in accordance with the Korean Framework Act on Low Carbon Green Growth, PolyMirae strives to consistently apply the following objectives, when making investment decisions and when running its manufacturing operations. 1Using environment-friendly materials and technologies. 2Optimizing energy use. 3Continuously implementing environmental improvement measures. 4Developing environment-friendly technologies and products. 5Complying with environmental laws and other requirements. 6Promoting recycling. Chemical Substance Management PolyMirae actively copes in preventing chemical accidents by finding and responding to possible harmful factors through complete management of processes regarding chemical substances. POLYMIRAE Pre-investigation 1 Approval 2 Purchase 3 Outcome Management 4
Safety Management
In PolyMirae, we work based on a management philosophy that places safety as the top priority To improve the safety culture of the company and maintain a safe working environment for all the employees of PolyMirae and our partner companies, we actively execute and manage a set of activities including safety training for all personnel including visitors, a Global Safety Day event, Safety Inspection Day, Safety Campaigns and more. LyondellBasell Operational Excellence Audit To maintain its world-class safety management system, every four years PolyMirae invites LyondellBasell’s experts in each field to conduct an audit on process safety and risk management within the company, with self-audits such as PSM, ISO and RC. These invitational audits involve a management system inspection, on-site inspection and employee interview to identify risk factors and potential improvements, and the degree of improvement is tracked and managed through continued investment and actions. Safety Inspection Day At PolyMirae, employees with expertise in each field patrol together with employees of the plant every second Tuesday of the month to identify potential risks and improvements in all fields including safety, health, environment and process. Identified potential improvements are tracked and managed until completion. Contractor Cooperation Program To seek development in the safety and health working environment, PolyMirae organizes a Contractor Cooperation Meeting with all its partners, and holds monthly meetings to assess potential risks and actively engage them in supportive activities to offset any identified risks. CCG CAMPAIGN CCG Campaign Clean Caution Green PolyMirae staff report the progress and potential improvements of all inspections, including internal/external safety inspections and parent company inspections, to manufacturing director on a monthly basis, and continuously tracks and manages the details. Global Safety Day Every LyondellBasell site around the world including joint ventures holds an annual Global Safety Day event, to enhance the safety awareness of employees and allow them to experience the importance of safety as first priority. HSE Committee PolyMirae management discuss HSE performance and initiatives including investments related to safety with shareholders every 6 months in an ad-hoc forum (HSE Committee). Employee Competency Verification To ensure safe operations, PolyMirae conducts sufficient on-site practice and tests on employees to verify the work performance of employees before assigning them new duties. Comprehensive Medical Testing and Vaccination PolyMirae provides comprehensive medical testing and vaccinations for all employees and their spouses in order to detect employee illnesses in their early stages and assist in systematic employee health management, so that employees can perform their duties with a good health condition. PolyMirae is continuously investing in improving its process safety-related facilities to ensure public safety and protect the health of employees and partners, as well as to prevent major industrial accidents Remote Control Fire Extinguishing Facility To extinguish fires early and prevent a major industrial accident in the event of fire, PolyMirae has installed and operates a firefighting monitoring system, which allows any outbreak of fire to be monitored and quickly extinguished through remote control from the Control Building. Spatial Infrared Gas Detector PolyMirae has improved its gas leakage detectability and has introduced, the first between in the Korea industry, the first spatial infrared gas detector. In contrast to the generally used spot-type detector, which detects gas only when the gas enters the sensor inside the detector, five newly-introduced infrared detectors which are installed throughout the entire process detect gas when the leaked gas enters 100~200m of space which the infrared beam passes through. Control Building Clean Air Supply System To protect employees in the event of a toxic gas leakage from adjacent companies or a large-scale inflammable gas leak into the process area, PolyMirae has installed a facility which blocks polluted air from entering the Control Building, supplies clean air and maintains positive pressure. Process Area and Building Risk Assessment PolyMirae has conducted a quantitative assessment of risks such as leakage, fire or explosion on all facilities and buildings in the process to secure employee safety in the event of an emergency, based on which the company has invested in the installation of various facilities and established emergency countermeasures to minimize damage in the most severe accidents. Water Spray Curtain System for Prevention of Gas Diffusion PolyMirae has installed and is operating a water spray curtain system to prevent and suppress the diffusion of inflammable gas to offices adjacent to the process in the event of a large-scale leak. With a management philosophy that makes safety the top priority, PolyMirae is investing actively in strengthening a culture of safety, and applies a range of measures to improve and enhance the safety environment to prevent industrial accidents and achieve a completely accident-free business. PolyMirae regularly and continuously conducts practical emergency response training to minimize human and material damage in emergencies such as earthquake / typhoon / heavy rainfall / warfare / major industrial accidents. Company-wide Emergency Response Training – Once a year Joint Fire Drill – Once a year per plant (3 times in total) Disaster Response Team Training– Once every quarter per plant (12 times in total) Emergency Self-response Training – Once a month per shift (144 times in total) Companywide Emergency Response Training The CEO, the company management team and all employees including those in the headquarter participate in Company-wide Emergency Response Training every year to train communication and procedures, minimize damage and expedite normalization in cases of emergency. Disaster Response Team Training PolyMirae runs a Disaster Response Team Training every quarter to enable a swift and effective response and recovery from potential accidents involving fire and explosion. EMERGENCY Firefighting Response Training PolyMirae conducts joint fire drills with the fire station and adjacent companies, as well as surprise firefighting response drills that occur without notice.
POEMS (PolyMirae Operational Excellence Management System) PolyMirae has established POEMS, the operational excellence management system which best fits the working conditions of PolyMirae and complies with all relevant laws of the Korea, with the OEMS of LyondellBasell.
CEO Message
Dear Business Partners, PolyMirae was founded in 2000 by our current shareholders, DL Chemical and LyondellBasell, who jointly began a new company to run the polypropylene business with a bold and macro perspective. Since then, PolyMirae has achieved multiple significant milestones and major achievements, and has realized our vision to become the most admired company in the related industries. PolyMirae has established itself as a model for operational excellence and of safety/environment/health, as well as widely recognized by the industry for its product portfolio, quality, customer service, and reliable supply. PolyMirae hopes to continue to succeed in the future to deliver outstanding value to our customers, employees, suppliers, service providers, communities and shareholders. In addition, we face a very challenging time due to intensifying competition in the petrochemical industry and the volatility in the global economy. The petrochemical industry, in particular, is expected to face a difficult time that we have not experienced during our phase of growth due. However, I am confident that our employees will be innovative and passionate about their work and we will overcome any difficulties that may arise. In doing so, we’ll differentiate ourselves from others in the polypropylene industry as an example for others to follow. I look forward to seeing a dynamic and successful future with you. Thank you. 2023.03.13 President and CEO Mitchell Ian Killeen POLYMIRAE